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Supportive & Corrective RockTape

A hypoallergenic, flexible therapeutic tape applied to muscles and joints to prevent and treat soft tissue and joint injuries

Kinesiotape may be a brand new concept for you or you may have noticed recreational or competitive athletes with it on. Popular brands of Kinesiotape include K-Tape or our favourite brand – RockTape. This tape is very stretchy and comes in many fun colours and unique styles. Innovative and stylish, kinesiotape has been around for decades but has gained popularity in its treatment of a variety of muscle and joint related conditions, mostly since the 2012 Summer Olympics. Kinesiotape provides support and stability to your joints and muscles without negatively affecting circulation and range of motion.

Our Doctors of Chiropractic frequently use RockTape during our treatments to support your shoulder, wrist, knee or ankle injuries. We also use the supportive tape to help reduce strain during pregnancy, to help reduce bruising or swelling in traumatically injured regions and proactively for injury prevention.

Talk to us if you are interested in exploring how RockTape can help you!

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