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The Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and diversified adjustment.

Women experiencing a standard, low-risk pregnancy may benefit from chiropractic care in all trimesters. Many women choose to access a variety of prenatal therapies to improve their overall levels of comfort during pregnancy. Prenatal chiropractic care, pelvic floor physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage are therapies frequently chosen by women throughout the course of their pregnancies.

Dr. Hannah, Dr. Jessica and Dr. Megan offer Chiropractic care for women during pregnancy. Each of our treatment rooms are equipped with pregnancy pillows that will allow you to lay face down comfortably at all stages of pregnancy. We can then examine and observe the function of your lower back and pelvis. Our goal is to detect joint restrictions and areas of muscular/ligamentous dysfunction and to treat these areas to help improve mobility and decrease pain associated with pregnancy.

Pregnant women choosing chiropractic care during pregnancy, may benefit from decreased levels of back and/or sciatic nerve pain, decreased posterior pelvic pain, decreased pubic symphysis pain and decreased pain in mid-back and rib-cage regions. Many women also report improvement in headaches and an overall sense of well-being while under chiropractic care in pregnancy.

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