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At The Chiropractic Wellness Studio, we frequently treat male patients of all ages, heights and weights.

Using the physics equation Force = Mass x Acceleration we can provide a simple explanation about how our female chiropractors use 'physics' every day in our practice to adjust patients who have a greater mass and height than we do.

In order to generate the same force as a Chiropractor who may be stronger or taller than we are, we take advantage of the above physics principle to find the correct level of pressure for our chiropractic adjustments. You will find our adjustments to be 'quick', 'gentle' and extremely 'precise' based on the implementation of physics into our treatment methods.

As licensed Doctors of Chiropractic, we are well-trained to identify various causes of back pain in our male patients. We will thoroughly consider whether your back pain is a result of joint or muscle dysfunction, or if the pain could be coming from other structures in a nearby region. We will take a thorough history during your first visit and will incorporate all relevant information including your age, the type of job and daily work you perform, previous history of back pain and the type of symptoms you are feeling at this time.

If you are male and experiencing pain, we will conduct a thorough assessment and physical exam and we will recommend the best plan of management to get you back on your feet and moving more easily again ~ no matter your age, height or size!

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