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How Chiropractic Works

The Chiropractic adjustment is the most common way that Doctors of Chiropractic treat painful and dysfunctional areas of the spine. Our bodies are complex and respond to a variety of external stressors each day. Physical and emotional stress both play a role in decreasing how our bodies function. 

Chiropractors have identified 5 key components which contribute to pain and dysfunction in our spines:

  • Abnormal movement or position of our bones and joints
  • Nerve dysfunction due to pressure or irritation to surrounding nerves
  • Muscle changes such as spasm or atrophy
  • Cellular changes in the body through release of inflammatory hormones
  • Altered receptor function due to abnormal input
Woman receiving chiropractic care

The Chiropractic Adjustment delivers gentle movement into these restricted joints and tight muscles. By encouraging proper motion, pain and inflammation are reduced. Patients often experience improved mobility and decreased pain and muscle tightness with chiropractic treatments. 

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