Women experience a variety of different health conditions than men.

Wider pelvic angles can make women more susceptible to knee and pelvic pain; pregnancy can contribute to an alteration in normal joint and muscle function. Headaches can be common during and around our menstrual cycles and medications that we are taking may affect us differently than men due to our hormones and differing genetic makeup.

Women often assume the role of Health Care Team Leader in their families and are responsible for making decisions about the type of health care their family needs. Many women work hard to ensure that their families receive proper nutrition, adequate sleep, good dental hygiene, balanced nutrition, regular physical fitness and emotional support and stability. These responsibilities can be overwhelming sometimes and can leave women little time to pay attention to their own health needs. All of these factors can impact the levels of stress women face on a daily basis. It is amazing how frequently emotional stress will express itself as physical symptoms in your body.

At The Chiropractic Wellness Studio, we treat women who are experiencing symptoms due to high stress in their work and personal lives, women who are athletic and proactive in their health, women experiencing changes in their bodies during pregnancy and due to the onset of menopause. Our bodies and minds are different and unique from men. Having a female chiropractor on your health care team is advantageous in helping your body to meet all the demands in your life associated with being a mom, a wife, a career women and specialist in multi-tasking!

Dr. Megan, Dr. Mailie and Dr. Dawn can help you to ensure that you stay healthy so that you can keep up with the demands of your busy life!