What our patients are saying about us…

Here are some of the things our patients have written about our care. We are excited to share these testimonials with you ~ our current and future patients!

When I was introduced to the Chiropractic Wellness Studio, I didn’t know what to expect because I had never been to a Chiropractor before. I had heard of the benefits of Chiropractic, but did not think it was for me. My wife set me up with an appointment with Dr. Mailie Harris. When I saw her I was concerned she wasn’t going to be able to do much with my 6'7" 335lbs frame. I listened to what she had to say and more importantly she listened to me and what I needed.

After the first adjustment I was amazed at how much more mobility I had in my back and the relief that I felt in my neck. Chiropractic care, since then, has been a part of my wellness regime; through workouts and practice, training camp, and the entire season. It truly helps me to recover more quickly and feel incredible. I highly recommend Dr. Mailie Harris to everyone from athletes to the most average person - she is great!Patrick Kabongo, Professional Football Player, Offensive Guard BC Lions

Dr. Dawn was very professional and courteous, she explains what she is going to do in detail and made me feel very comfortable. I had a rotater cup problem and she explained to me she would like to try acupuncture on it which I never had before so of course I was leery about it but I would try anything a that point. She told me that it might not fix the problem but it could help with the pain. After a few appointment in November I'm very happy to say, I have no pain anymore and this is the end of January now. I would recommend Dawn to anybody who might be looking for a chiropractor. All the doctors and staff are very kind courteous and go out of there way to accommodate you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to write this review.Rating: Staff: 5/5 Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5

I have been a patient of Dr. Megan's for many years and I recommend her and her clinic to anyone who will listen! She and team are kind, attentive and take great care of my family. My husband was a non-believer in chiropractic until he benefited from the results of Dr. Harris and her great abilities.5.0/5.0 star rating

I am extremely impressed with the techniques used by Dr. Mailie Harris. I've had chronic back pain for years and after seeing her, I've never had the pain come back. I was most impressed with a time I had a rib out of place, she adjusted it and within seconds the pain I had for a week just vanished. She will be my chiropractor for life! Thank you Dr.Mailie Harris!Rating: Staff: 5/5 Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5

I absolutely love this clinic. Both Harris girls are awesome to deal with but Dr. Megan is my go-to! It doesn't matter if I see her once a week or once a year, she always knows how to make me feel good! She is a God-send for me.5.0/5.0 star rating

Dr. Dawn is exceptionally kind and attentive. She is a high energy young woman and easily handles multiple appointments with acupuncture and chiropractics at once. I have a needle phobia and she managed to get a whole bunch of them in my FACE to fix my TMJ problems in my jaw after a car accident. Very reassuring... She never rushes and checks everything, identified problems I didn't know I had based on complaints about my spine and hips, and proceeded to correct them in short order as well as helping with preventative care/exercises to prevent future issues. It's nice that her office environment is comfortable, nurturing, has great treats, and she's very stylish & cool. Professional but modern, and they follow eco friendly office practices. The guy at the reception counter is excellent, & they do text message appointment reminders!Rating: Staff: 5/5 Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5

During a recent road trip to Edmonton, I visited Dr. Mailie to get my body back in shape following a hard week of practice and a grueling 4 hour flight out west. I was very impressed not only by her ability to adjust my 6'6 320lb frame, but also the extensive knowledge she had in explaining what was going on with my body. I have travelled around to many different chiropractors over my career and I will say that the treatment I received at The Chiropractic Wellness Studio was one of the best! I strongly suggest to anyone who is in the Edmonton area to visit Dr. Mailie, I know I will next time I'm in town! Taylor Robertson, Retired Professional Football Player, Pit Crew Member - NASCAR Canadian Tire Series

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have been seeing Dr. Megan Harris for about 6 weeks. I came in having bad pelvic and back pain and in the six weeks since I have been going to Dr. Harris the pain is almost completely gone. She is very friendly and approachable as are her staff members. If I am ever early I still get in really fast and am not kept waiting. I do not think any of my appointments have taken over a 1/2 hour for me to be in and out. I would highly recommend Dr. Megan to anyone pregnant or not, I know that I will keep seeing her for many years to come even though her office is across town from where I live.Rating: Staff: 5/5 Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5

I visit Dr. Mailie when I’m in Edmonton during the football season to improve my joint mobility and to help prevent injury. I always feel great after my treatments. I appreciate that I have a trusted heath care professional to consult with, when I’m on the road.Arland Bruce III, Professional Football Player, Receiver, Montreal Alouettes

I have been seeing Dr. Megan for several years and not only is she the best chiropractor in the world, but she is also a super wonderful person in so many ways! She is very kind, personable, warm and compassionate and genuinely shows care and concern. I have never felt rushed, and have always felt that she listened and heard. Who could ask for more? I highly recommend her to everyone I know! Dr Megan Harris, an amazing and beautiful woman and doctor who I’m so glad I met!!Rating: Staff: 5/5 Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5

Dr. Megan is amazing Doctor!! I have been going to her 5 months now. I never to a chiropractor and she took all the fear of out. She fixed my back pain. I like her holistic approach to treatment. Dr. Megan is very personable and friendly and helpful. Her staff is very friendly. I would recommend her to others.Rating: Staff: 5/5 Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5

I have been seeing Dr. Harris for about 5 years. She is very personable. She has a holistic approach to her practice and knows when her care can help you and when she should recommend you to another practitioner. Her recommendations are also very good.Rating: Staff: 5/5 Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5

I just got this Doctor referred to me by my Massage Therapist and I must say amazing!!! I got in a Car Accident and I went to Physio (waste of time) All they did for me was lay me on a hot blanket and put electrodes on me which, had no effect what so ever. One visit with Megan and I was able to turn my neck! I always had a fear of chiropractors but now I am recommending her to everyone!! This doctor has an awesome sense of humor and makes you feel trust for her. My back has never felt so much better in all my life! The reception are also very friendly! I am sure I will return to her for years to come!Rating: Staff: 5/5 Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5

Love Dr. Megan Harris! You absolutely cannot go wrong with her. She is very knowledgeable, personable and she really listens! She also welcomes feedback from her patients. I've been going to her for 8 months and she has helped me when no others can. No more physio for this girl!Rating: Staff: 5/5 Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5

Dr. Megan is amazing. I was incorrectly diagnosed by 4 medical professionals (two MDs, one physiotherapist and one other chiropractor) and was in pain for 6 months. Two adjustments with Dr. Megan and I was a new person. She is always willing to talk about anything you want, and can adjust things you didn't know could be adjusted! Amazing woman.Rating: Staff: 5/5 Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5

Friendly, professional and most of all...prompt. Dr. Megan has created a very welcoming practice. She has been treating our family for many years and as odd as it may sound, we look forward to our visits with her and her team.Rating: Staff: 5/5 Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5

Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, caring, affordable, clinic is clean and tidy. They have coffee and tea in the waiting room! Amazing service. I feel great!Rating: Staff: 5/5 Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5

This chiropractor (Dr. Megan) is the greatest in the world. She is very informative and has a nice sense of humor. She takes the time with her patience and no one is rushed! I highly recommend this Dr. if you have any kind of joint pain. She will fix you right up!Rating: Punctual: 5/5 Helpful: 5/5 Knowledge: 5/5