Runners and Athletes


Our athletes fall into the following categories:

  • School age children involved in recreational sport in school or outside of school
  • Adolescents who are excelling at their sport and want to maintain optimal function of their spines and joints for competitive play
  • Adults who are involved in recreational activities for fun and on a non-competitive level; beginner runners, cross-country skiers and yoga athletes
  • Professional athletes including football players, hockey players, competitive marathon runners, triathletes and ultra-marathon runners
  • Olympic competitors training for provincial, national and international competitions
  • Military members competing in recreational sports at work or highly competitive events like the annual MOUNTAIN MAN event

We use an integrated approach with athletes including some or the following therapies: chiropractic spinal and extremity adjustments, acupuncture (TCM), GRASTON soft tissue technique, and Kinesio taping. We also work collaboratively with other health care professionals to help you achieve your training and competition goals.