Complimentary consult available

We offer you the opportunity to speak with us in person during your Complimentary Consultation. Before deciding whether you feel comfortable proceeding with Chiropractic care you will have the chance to visit our studio, meet us in person and have a private one to one consultation about your problem area. We will ask you some questions about your area of complaint; such as, where your pain is located, how long your pain has been present, what prior events may have led to the onset of your pain and questions about your current and past medical history. We will explain the steps we will take during our physical examination, the various treatment options available to best treat your problem and will provide you with a plan of action to help you return to your pre-injury levels of pain and function.

At the end of the Complimentary Consultation you may decide to move forward to the "Examination and Treatment" component of your appointment or you may choose to return at another convenient time. No fees will be charged to you at the end of this Complimentary Consultation.

However, should you choose to move forward with the physical examination portion of your visit and you decide to proceed with our recommended treatment plan, it is at this time that our INITIAL PATIENT FEE will apply.

In summary, our Complimentary Consultation provides you with an opportunity to come to our studio, meet your selected Doctor of Chiropractic in person and ask specific questions about your condition in a confidential, complimentary one on one consultation. At the end of your consultation you will then have the choice to move forward and proceed with an Initial Visit or to leave the studio with no fees associated with this Consultation. We want you to be sure you are comfortable with your decision to consider Chiropractic care and will give you the opportunity to meet us and learn more about whether chiropractic is right for you!